Washers, Blind Rivets & Bolts

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The Valley Fastener Group supplies many standard washers used in today’s manufacturing. We stock a variety of standard USS, SAE, and Type A or B flat washers per ASME B18.21.1. Theses washers typically come in steel with a plain or zinc finish. Non-Standards can be supplied with appropriate lead time.

Blind Rivets

The Valley Fastener Group stocks and supplies many standard Blind Rivets per IFI specifications. Our stock includes the most common parts such as:

These Blind rivets come in a variety of material and finishes including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and can be set using many different tools on the market.

Bolts and Nuts

The Valley Fastener Group supplies many standard bolts and nuts to meet its customer’s demands. Our increased supply capabilities allow our customers to purchase standard parts per IFI specifications on the following parts:

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