Stainless Steel Rivets

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stainless steel rivetsValley Fastener Group manufactures stainless steel rivets and fasteners in a variety of sizes and head types. Our selection of stainless steel rivets includes blind rivets, shoulder rivets, and so many more. We primarily manufacture stainless steel rivets in the 300 and 400 series stainless steel including 301,302,304,316, and many more. Stainless steel rivets and fasteners are produced from high-alloy steels and have good corrosion resistance and high strength.  

Characteristics of Stainless Steel Rivets

The corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and cold formability of stainless steel rivets, fasteners and part designs are all important engineering considerations when selecting these fasteners.  The alloys chemical composition determines the amount of the forming pressure that is required to produce the part. This also determines the work hardening rate of the material during production and any additional cold working of the part (clinching) in order to fasten it into your assembly. 

Stainless Steel Rivets & Fastener Grades

300 series stainless steel parts offer better corrosion resistance and strength and are also more difficult to produce.  Most 400 series stainless steel rivets and fasteners are produced with less difficulty than the higher tensile 300 series stainless steels grades but you sacrifice some corrosion resistance. 

VFG produces our rivets and fasteners from a variety of customer specified grades of Stainless Steel Material.

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