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The Valley Fastener Group has a great awareness of just how diverse a project can be, and how many special components can come into play. That is why we can manufacture such a diverse and focused range of Specials: application-specific fasteners to meet any of your project requirements.

Our Specials line includes (but is not limited to) multi-shoulder bolts, headless collar studs, square and hex shaped blanks, and knurled shoulder fasteners. With our knowledgeable staff and our 150 state of the art machines, there is seemingly no component that we cannot manufacture for you.

First and foremost with our products, the Valley Fastener Group emphasizes quality, and we implement this from manufacturing to the shipping dock. Contact our group today to discuss your needs for specialized fasteners, and we will match you with the perfect product for your project.

Specials Specifications

Head Styles Binding Thread Types Machine Screw
Button Tapping Screw
Cheese Tri-lobular
Fillister Thread Forming
Flat Type AB
Hex Type B
Hex Flange Type BF
Hex Washer Type BP
Oval Type C
Oversized Type CA
Pan Type F
Round Type G
Round Washer Type U
Truss Type 1
Wafer Type 23
Custom Type 25
Materials Low Carbon Steel Drive Type ACR Phillips II
Medium Carbon Steel Combination
Aluminum External Torx
Brass Hex Drive
Copper Hex Flange
300 Series Stainless Hex Head
400 Series Stainless Hex Washer
Point Features Anti-Cross Threading Philips
Dog Point Philips 1A
Header Point Philips Square Drive
Custom Slotted

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