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We can run from M2.5 or 4-40 thread up to M8 or 5/16 thread, with a length up to 60mm or 2 ½ inches from underneath the head. Solid blank size we run from is M2.2mm (.090) up to M10 (.375) diameter. Capability will vary depending on grade of material and configuration of part, but we have made parts as small as .060 diameter.

Different types of material we run are 1006 to 4037 steel, 302. 316,410 and 430 stainless steel, 230 and 260 brass, 102 and 110 copper, bronze and aluminum. We manufacture all standard head styles, but our forte is in specials. Head types we presently make are button, pan, truss, fillister, indented hex and indented hex washer (which can include standard, Phillips, slotted square, 6 lobe and special combination drives).

Besides solid rivets, all our headers have punching units to make semi- tubular rivets along with PKOs which enable us to make collar studs.

Valley Fastener Group utilizes modern high-speed production machines to produce our rivets and fasteners. We have the ability to run sems screws up to 1/4 inch diameter and two head slotters run up to 5/16 diameter.

Our thread-rollers compliment all of our heading abilities.

Screws Specifications

Head Styles Binding Thread Types Machine Screw
Button Tapping Screw
Cheese Tri-lobular
Fillister Thread Forming
Flat Type AB
Hex Type B
Hex Flange Type BF
Hex Washer Type BP
Oval Type C
Oversized Type CA
Pan Type F
Round Type G
Round Washer Type U
Truss Type 1
Wafer Type 23
Custom Type 25
Materials Low Carbon Steel Drive Type ACR Phillips II
Medium Carbon Steel Combination
Aluminum External Torx
Brass Hex Drive
Copper Hex Flange
300 Series Stainless Hex Head
400 Series Stainless Hex Washer
Point Features Anti-Cross Threading Philips
Dog Point Philips 1A
Header Point Philips Square Drive
Custom Slotted

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