Double Ended Collar Studs

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The Valley Fastener Group has been manufacturing top-quality fasteners for our customers since 1976, and our Collar Studs have always had their niche within our product line. Collar studs are double-ended studs with a round or hex shaped collar in the middle. Because of our extensive manufacturing capabilities, these studs can be rolled with different thread configurations at each end, depending on your application's requirements.

These specialized threads can include thread-forming, plastic, or machine screw threads. With our 150 state of the art machines, the collar can be designed as round, hex, or square-shaped--whatever you need, we can make it happen. Available materials for the custom threaded collar studs include various grades of steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and copper.

From design and manufacture to the shipping dock, the Valley Fastener Group is a quality-controlled facility. We also have a special emphasis on customer service that you won't find with other companies. Contact us today to discuss our Collar Studs and other fasteners.

Collar Studs Specifications

Head Styles Binding Thread Types Machine Screw
Button Tapping Screw
Cheese Tri-lobular
Fillister Thread Forming
Flat Type AB
Hex Type B
Hex Flange Type BF
Hex Washer Type BP
Oval Type C
Oversized Type CA
Pan Type F
Round Type G
Round Washer Type U
Truss Type 1
Wafer Type 23
Custom Type 25
Materials Low Carbon Steel Drive Type ACR Phillips II
Medium Carbon Steel Combination
Aluminum External Torx
Brass Hex Drive
Copper Hex Flange
300 Series Stainless Hex Head
400 Series Stainless Hex Washer
Point Features Anti-Cross Threading Philips
Dog Point Philips 1A
Header Point Philips Square Drive
Custom Slotted

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